September 10, 2017
Great news! We have had our very first inferno. A generous donor has pledged to match the first $2500 raised! This is incredible and has basically brought us to the halfway mark. We couldn’t be more thrilled.


At age 45, Malena is told she is going through early menopause. But it’s much more than that. In fact, she’s about to develop her very own super powers.


Malena (45) is aware that her neighbor Kathy (40) is probably being abused by her husband Mike (40). In the meantime, Malena is also noticing that she is experiencing medical symptoms, many of which are consistent with menopause. Kathy’s best friend, Vanessa (50), a tarot card reader, tells her that life changes are afoot. After hearing Kathy scream in terror from next door, Malena calls the police, which results in Mike coming to threaten her. Malena becomes so angry that her body temperature begins to rise and she actually begins to transform into something else – something superhuman.

Project Background

Writer/director Soma Helmi, generated the idea for the project during the lead up to the release of Wonder Woman in June 2017. The idea was based on her awareness that most comic book heroes are typically male and discover their superpowers at a time of major physical change in their life – puberty. Since that was the case, it would be interesting to see if there were any variations on the theme that could include a more diverse set of characters. Ultimately, The Change is the story of a bonafide superhero who, instead of going through menopause, discovers that she has supernatural powers. At opening night of Wonder Woman she shared her idea with producer Sarah Tooke, who loved its freshness despite its embrace of the traditional superhero genre. Their goal today is to shoot a pilot as proof of concept for a full-fledged series.


Director – Soma Helmi

Soma Helmi hails from Bali and is an experienced director whose body of work spans pilots, short films, and commercials. Her work has appeared at Sundance, Outfest, and her commercial clients have included Unilever, Campbell’s, Chevrolet and Nike. She has a special interest in telling stories that feature women, minorities, and/or other marginalized groups.

Producer – Sarah Louise Tooke

A Los Angeles native, Sarah Louise Tooke has a long history of working as a producer for reality television, on shows that aired on major networks including ABC, NBC, MTV, and The Discovery Channel. While also working as a freelance producer, she currently runs her own digital marketing practice.

Music Supervisor – Sean Callery

Sean Callery is a multiple Emmy-Award winning composer. While he may be best known for the theme of 24, he is also currently the composer for Jessica Jones and has composed for Bones, Homeland, and Elementary.

Topline Distribution and Marketing Strategy

The Change is currently set up to be a pilot either for an ongoing series or a feature film. The idea is to whet audience’s and investors’ appetites alike for more. Initially, The Change will be distributed via Vimeo, or another new media streaming service. It will also be entered into a number of festivals.


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