Adaptation of a Scene from Pride and Prejudice. This is a proof of concept, to raise interest in making a BIPOC-lead adaptation of the novel.

*************BIPOC actors only please.**********************


DARCY (20s-30s): The son of a wealthy, well-established family and the master of the great estate of Pemberley. Intelligent and forthright, has a tendency to judge too hastily and harshly, and his high birth and wealth make him overly proud and overly conscious of his social status. Standard British accent.

ELIZABETH (20s): Intelligent and quick-witted, Elizabeth is the protagonist of Pride and Prejudice and one of the most well-known female characters in English literature. Lovely, clever, and converses as brilliantly as anyone. Nevertheless, her sharp tongue and tendency to make hasty judgments often lead her astray. Standard British accent.

Los Angeles, 1 day shoot.

Self tapes due 22nd April, 2022