New short film: LIES

I was feeling a little bit melancholy about the time it was taking to produce Mermaids. So many complications, people leaving the country, crew going awol etc etc. It was all getting a bit much and I just had an itch to make a short, now! I decided to sit down and write something quickly and shoot it asap.

Through my writing, I’ve been exploring some of the themes/emotions/scenarios that both men and women have experienced in their relationships. Mermaids is all about love, devotion and pillars of strength. LIARS is most definitely not. I wanted to purge some of the negativity that I’ve had in past relationships. And this is what I ended up with.

I have to thank my wonderful friends who helped make this happen. Isaac Lubow, my lovely boyfriend, who is thankfully nothing like the male character. Mila Shwaiko for her great camera work. Carolina who is a first time actress but you would NEVER guess, Sid for taking the time in his busy schedule to act in a such a teeny project, Ernest for the knockout grading. And last but definitely not least, someone who took time from his incredible job of editing some of the coolest films around – Joe Walker, editor extraordinaire – who with a few pages of scribbled notes brought the film up to a level I am super proud to show off. IMDB him, now.

Check it: