Well, it’s official. My videos are going up on FashionTV!

I had an email a couple of weeks back from their content editor asking if I would be interested in sending them my fashion films, and being suspicious of net spam, I didn’t let myself get too excited. I sent a polite reply asking where they had seen my work, basically just to test if it was some kind of bot, and to my surprise she replied, saying she’d seen it on Vimeo, here are the terms, blah blah blah. Woohoo! I sent my stuff and didn’t hold my breath, I figured they’d get thousands of hopeful filmmakers sending them their work. But lo and behold! Only a few days later, the first of my films – Juwita Malam by Tulola – was uploaded! Another moment of celebration…Alright, I jigged about on my bed. Very dignified. And then, less than a week later, another was released – Nagicia.

Now I have to make more, more, more!