Best Life ever

A little under a year ago, I participated in a ground breaking film project called Life In A Day. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Throw together YouTube, Oscar winning director Kevin Macdonald, Ridley Scott and a brilliant editor by the name of Joe Walker and what you get is a beautiful, emotional and plain mind-boggling snap shot of one day on earth. They were expecting somewhere around a thousand entries, they got 80,000. And mine was one of them.

Fast forward to now, the film is a smash hit at festivals around the world and is about to premiere in the UK. Articles, interviews and mentions are flooding in and I can hardly keep up. All I can say is, I’m so spectacularly blessed to not only have my footage feature in this incredible film, but also to now have connections with an amazing group of film makers from around the world. Thank you Life In A Day.

Here’s an article in a little UK newspaper called THE SUN!